Mark Sherwin

Mark Sherwin

Managing Director, Accenture

25 years experience in the Digital field working with BP, BBC, BT, City & Guilds, The Cabinet Office, E.on, The London Stock Exchange, MTV, NHS, Virgin Media, Shell, SSE, and many Universities. 

I am a collector of active hobbies and odd skills. I love to sail, ski, row and horse ride, cook dinner for a house full, and I've practiced a bit of unicycling and juggling in my past. Realistically most of this is now done with my two boys Toby and Ben who I try my best to exhaust!

Career highlights include building BBC Radio 1's first website, the first online music download charts for MTV, creating the London Underground's first customer facing website and creating much of Shell's early web and intranet properties. I created the earliest prototypes for BT Interactive TV, led The Cabinet Office's consolidation of 65 web properties into 2 major portals and guided experience design for the award winning digital self diagnosis and referral services for NHS Direct. More recently I have worked with a global energy retailer to create new digital service experiences and a European utility leader to launch a new lean digital competitor into the market.