Gaia Gallotti

Gaia Gallotti

Research Manager, IDC, Energy Insights

Ms Gallotti joined IDC Energy Insights in 2007, prior to which she collaborated with IDC Manufacturing Insights and IDC Retail Insights.

Ms. Gallotti supports the IDC Energy Insights team by researching, writing standardized reports based on annual surveys on Utility end users and their IT industry-specific solutions, enterprise solutions, budget spending and decision making strategies. She handles the IT spending forecast models for the IDC Energy Insights’ Utilities coverage and writing the appropriate reports. Ms. Gallotti also conducts qualitative research for the quarterly updates for both the Utilities and Clean Energy sectors, covering topics such as Smart Grids, Capture Carbon and Storage, Renewable energies, Distributed Generation and Energy Efficiency.

Ms. Gallotti is involved in IDC Energy Insights worldwide customs projects, as well as in the preparation and delivery ad hoc presentations for industry conferences given throughout EMEA concerning current events in the EMEA Utilities and Clean Energy sectors.

Ms. Gallotti regularly contributes to the IDC Energy Insights blog on the IDC Energy Insights Community ( and tweets (@gaiagallotti). Ms. Gallotti graduated in May 2006 from the University of Puget Sound (USA) with a B.A. in both International Business and International Affairs with China. As part of her studies she spent six months in a study abroad program to Taizhong (Taiwan) and Beijing (PRC) attending Mandarin courses, Chinese politics courses and Chinese economics courses. Ms. Gallotti is bilingual Italian-English, fluent in French and proficient in Mandarin Chinese.